Find the Right Words

by Underwater Tiger

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released 24 October 2014



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Underwater Tiger Horseheads, New York

Underwater Tiger is made up of two sets of brothers: Matt, Ronny, and Anthony Furstoss, and Nate and Andrew Miner. Their songs are marked by poetic lyrics, emotionally driven impacts, and catchy vocal melodies led by drummer/singer Matt Furstoss. All five members’ voices can be heard in their songs, as intertwining vocal lines and 3 part harmonies are Underwater Tiger trademarks. ... more


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Track Name: You Know I Know
I’m coasting down an empty highway
Alone is all that is fitting now
I’m searching for a steady high
I won’t come down ’til I find a way inside

You know and I know what took you so long

I’m crushing on you harder than I’ve ever before
(Could you want more?)
And I’m holding on
To the chance that the look was meant for me
So baby what are we waiting for?
(This is getting out of control)
It’s something we can’t ignore
(This is all that I’ve waited for)
This is the moment when

You know and I know what took you so long

It's the chase, it's the rush
Of your lips and your touch
It's all I can feel
And I don't mind
This is getting out of control
(I’m falling harder every time)
And I don't mind
Track Name: The Great Divide
I wish that I could see the look on your face
All your subtleties are lost in this dead space
But if I could talk to you
We’d see eye to eye

I wish that I could only read your mind
And the less you say the more I seem to try
But the more I say the more you push away

Tonight we’ll make things right
I’m waiting for a sign to bridge the great divide between
Tonight and all you hold inside

Pieces of puzzles that could settle the score
Get all torn up and I want more
So cut me off (is this what you want?)
Or crack the door (could it just be your…)

Cynical silence, insecurities
Set them all aside and we'll survive to find
The right words to say
That bring us to tonight

Tonight we’ll make things right
I’m waiting for a sign to bridge the great divide between
Tonight and all you hold inside

But you hold it inside

Now I see it in your eyes
There's a confidence that's hiding right behind
I wanna know that we're alright
I wanna see the other side, we crossed the line
Track Name: Hole in the Sky
I make it through these nights
Lying on my back
Talking in my sleep
Conjuring faces that I make up in my mind
Where do they come from?
What are their names?
They are running away
They run away

Listen for the church bells
They don't call me home
Will you wait for me?
Will you wait?

It's me, hello
Is there anybody listening?
Are we alone in this world
With nobody watching over?
I know it's not too late
To think that there's something
Or is it just a hole in the sky?
What does the darkness hide?

Lately I don't find justice in the means
The end is a circle
I see in my dreams
I'm a dog chasing tail
Black, boned and frail
Spinning closer to center
Lights out and enter
The hole in the sky
Where I go when I die
All gravity no light
It's a parody of my life
Undeniable, survivable
Salvation that’s contrivable
Or will I turn into a hole in the sky?
Track Name: Scissorhands
Dreams scar me with red giant heat

Woke up choking on shards of teeth

A faint taste of iron from the hammer you dropped
Breaking all your vows on your way to the top

Now that you've broken free
Will you be satisfied?

You built a life through me
While you decayed inside

Face down on the tracks I chose not to see
Your train wreck as it crashed into me
Eyes deep in destruction

I say "It didn't have to be this way"
"I wish it wasn't" was all you had to say

You're void of empathy
Plans can't be compromised
Now that you're part of me
You kill me from inside

And it still saddens me

How you're broken inside
Track Name: Interlude
Track Name: Find the Right Words
Old smoke and porch lights
We try to capture the years gone by
In a song

Can we
Write so all their eyes can see?
A memory
A memory that we can't show
A rhyme without a note
A voice without a throat
So sing along

For all the things I wish I’d said
For sleepless nights that I spent
With my best friends
The strings we'd bend
I want so bad to explain
Just how much this has changed who I became
We’ll never be the same
We chased a dream out on the road
Not always knowing where to go
Or who would know, if they’d show
We see the faces from the stage
Familiar ones, a stranger’s gaze
To each we play
As if the sound won’t fade

I can’t find the right words
I just can’t find the right words

To mean anything your heart can’t speak
Can’t you see this means everything?
Track Name: My Own Skin (Bonus Track)
I felt so lost inside of my own skin
So I hit the road to escape my sin
I searched so long for some solid ground
And what I found was you

All you wanted was security
But I had to get over me
I promised I would get better one day
And in these words I’m trying hard to say
What I can give to you

I know that I’ve come home a better man
I’m gonna love you the best I can
A steady drum beating beneath my chest
I’ll keep you safe and sound for all the rest of my life with you